This is RlCraft.CC! Do you think vanilla Minecraft is too easy? Are you bored of dying the same way over and over again? Could you use a little more adrenaline in your life? How about a little more rage?

Or maybe you wish Minecraft was more... realistic?

If you’re still reading, welcome to RLCraft- where the ways to die are multiplied by cancer! Go ahead, take your pick: would you prefer dying of emaciation, or of thirst? How about being ripped apart by a pack of wargs, unless you’d prefer getting 360noscoped by skeletons. Would you rather have a roc drop you from 60 blocks high, or watch a roc drop a creeper on your house? If getting roasted verbally and physically by a raging dragon is too extreme for you, maybe having your bones crushed by a falling tree is more your speed?

Don’t worry, you’ll kick the bucket so many times in this modpack, you’ll have a favourite cause of death soon enough!

Not only are mechanics more lifelike and challenging, but there world is chock full of things to discover. There’s plenty of battletowers crawling in the sky or plummeting into the depths for you to conquer, ancient jungle temples to explore, ferocious beasts of all kinds to discover and even tame, creatures of myth and legend to search for, powerful flaming and freezing weapons to craft and wield, and a bunch of memories to make.

... but that all sounds like a bit much, doesn’t it? Like a lot of individual suffering? My dear thrill seeking wanderers, travelers, adventurers- you do NOT have to suffer on your own! Though our land may be treacherous, The Roots of Yggdrasil is home to a closeknit community of daring adventurers, like yourself. Despite the hostile mobs we fight and punishing world we call home, we don’t bite. Nothing brings friends together like suffering together!

So, what are you waiting for? We have a lot of adventures to explore! Join RLCraft.CC

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